Parker Engagement

Parker Engagement

By: Glori Griner

This was a recent engagement session that I photographed for a couple local to me. They swore up and down that they would not photograph well and that they’d need my help in posing them, but it was SO NOT TRUE. They’ve been best friends for several years before they got engaged and that connection was so tangible, it made my job feel effortless. I just relied on their natural chemistry and let them talk/play, etc. It was a perfect session from start to finish. We were all so pleased with what we were able to capture!

I also loved their outfit/styling choices! I felt like her creamy white dress with lace appliques went so well with her skin tone, then paired her goddess-like styled hair… she radiated all the bridal vibes. His blue button up was also a fantastic choice – I honestly think any man looks good in baby blue! He had the perfect styling mix for a relaxed feel in a formal setting.

The location for this session is actually their wedding venue. The main ceremony location is a upcycled open air pavilion, that is now a naturally lit chapel featuring windows that came from an old Railroad Terminal – they are 114 years old! I am so freakin’ excited to photograph their wedding in December!