Who can submit?

  1. Wedding, engagement, proposal photos and styled shoots are to be submitted by wedding planners and photographers only.
  2. Home Tour photos must be submitted by the homeowners or photographers only. Please Note: No addresses will be shared or published on our website unless given permission.
  3. Sweets, treats, desserts, pastries, and other edibles are to be submitted by photographers or pastry chef/ dessert maker.
  4. Make Up Tutorials can be submitted by artist.
  5. Floral Arrangements can be submitted by florist, photographer, or wedding planner. However, please credit photos to its rightful owners and credit those involved if submitting styled shoot.

Exclusivity Agreement

Before you submit to, please make sure your exclusivity time frame from previous is completed (if you submitted to another blog).

Photo Requirements:

  1. Varies on category. Please see categories.
  2. Photos must be at least 1000 pixels wide


Categories: is a website where you are able to share what you love, what you’ve learned, experiences and much more! So please feel free to submit work that falls under the following categories:

(Click category you wish to submit for!)

Home Décor or Home Tour

Weddings and Other Events

DIYs and Crafts

Food/Drinks/Desserts Recipes

Floral Arrangements

–  DESSERT BAR (Churro Bar, Donut Bar, Candy Bar, Popcorn Bar, etc.)