Submit a Dessert Bar Set Up
To submit a dessert bar for a real or styled-shoot wedding or event.
Please include the following: What’s the occasion? Theme/Color of Set Up? What types of treats or desserts or props were displayed? What detail stood out the most to you? How did the newlyweds / birthday celebrants feel about the overall outcome of the set up?
If YES, please state where it has been published and if their exclusivity time frame has or has not been completed.


There is NO MINIMUM NUMBER of photos that is required. However, we highly encourage you to submit photos of detailed shots of the bar. Photos must be at least 1000 pixels wide. We ask that you only submit photos of the dessert bar without any guests in the photos.
Include the information of each vendor who participated in the shoot: Category, First and Last Name OR Business Name, Instagram Name (if any), and Website. If no other vendors contributed, please state "N/A"