5 Years of Dean Bernard Events

5 Years of Dean Bernard Events

“2019 marks the 5 year anniversary of Dean Bernard Events and I cannot express how grateful I am for all of the experiences and opportunities that were given to me and my team.”

In April of 2014, Dean Guanlao founded Dean Bernard Events and Design. A relatively new company, Dean’s love for event planning began almost a decade ago. From planning numerous fundraisers in high school to curating a show with over 1,000 attendees, Dean realized that this was more than an after school hobby, this was the beginning of his life’s passion and the start of a career. He graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration while working full time on making a name for himself with Dean Bernard Events.

Dean’s credentials are continuously growing. He has planned and choreographed numerous debutante balls, organized birthdays, and now has progressed to weddings. While his young age may be deceiving, his professionalism and talent make him the right fit for any job. Dean not only caters to your needs but goes above and beyond expectations. Dean Bernard Events are one of a kind, with trend setting and unique design styles, and personalized touches making each occasion memorable.

Within 5 years, the Dean Bernard Team has coordinated more than 20 weddings, 2 dessert expos, countless baby showers, wedding showers, and birthdays. Dean has also launched the Dean Bernard Lifestyle Blog as a platform for businesses to showcase their work and to provide inspiration to its readers.

“Planning weddings and events is something I never thought I’d be doing. Its a lot of hard work and it can be overwhelming. There were just a few times in the very beginning when I started, that I questioned if this was something I really wanted to do. In the end, I realized, it is. I get to be part of one of my client’s biggest day of their lives.” -Dean

The Team

“What is your favorite experience with Dean Bernard Events?”

Dean, Founder of Dean Bernard Events

I have so many favorite moments when coordinating a wedding, but I must say, my favorite part of the whole event is when my clients have their very first dance together during the reception. It is their first dance of many as Husband and Wife. I love seeing them come together and having that special moment when it’s just the two of them on the dance floor dancing to their song. Its intimate—and you can feel the love in the room.

Another favorite moment of mine is when the bride and groom have the first look of the reception. It would be the first time to see every thing set up and ready for them and their guest. I love seeing their reactions when they first enter the room and see their vision come to life. Candles are lit, DJ is playing some music in the background, uplights are turned on, napkins neatly folded, and each chair is pushed in all perfect for the guests to arrive.

One of my overall favorite experiences of Dean Bernard Events was launching one of Southern California’s first dessert expo. The idea came to me when I was working part time as an activities director for a resort and at first, it was only that–an idea. But the more I thought about it, the more time I invested in making it happen. The Sweet Experience dessert expo came to life and became an opportunity for everyone to come and try different desserts from local businesses. We had so many amazing vendors come out to share what they have to offer. From cotton candy to shaved ice, cupcakes to donuts, we had it all! After a successful first show, we did the second one and this time it was also on the local newspaper:

Creating and executing The Sweet Experience is one of my proudest moments with my team.


“Working for Dean Bernard Events has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. From providing exceptional service to guests, to making sure everything goes exactly how it is planned. My most favorite part about working for this company would have to be the precise attention to detail and the amount of dedication Dean puts into each event. The amount of creativity and resilience is is what makes walking into each event magical and It makes me be proud of being a part of such a skilled and able team.” – Theresa


“The best part of being a part of Dean Bernard brand is that I get to work with my best friends, we created our family bond from day one. I could easily say, that I also love being able to use my creative abilities to set up for an event. Whenever it comes to decorating, I feel more alive just knowing I gave my all to make someone’s day special.” – Chelsea


“My favorite part is the unique situations and locations I never would have experienced if it wasn’t for DBE. I’ve seen places I have never heard of and would love to visit again. Ive learned so much about myself in time pressured moments through the company. Realizing all the amazing things I can do but never knew I could. Lastly, I love the calm after the storm. I enjoy experiencing the candid, funny, once-in-lifetime moments nobody ever forgets.” – Tina


“My favorite experience with Dean Bernard Events would be the dessert expo: The Sweet Experience. It’s one of the first events you put on pretty much by yourself. It was good to see the company grow and have enough pull to get all those vendors together. It makes me happy and proud for you and the company.” – Chris


“My favorite event experience with Dean Bernard Events is always when our team witnesses the Bride & Groom’s first dance. Out of the many memorable moments of their day, that is the one moment where I as an event coordinator/assistant see everything come together. The tables & decorations are all set, all of their loved ones are happily seated, & everyone’s focus is on what truly matters — the love shared between the Bride & the Groom through their first dance to their favorite song. You can literally feel the love in the room/venue as everything from the music to the placement of the fork on the table have come together to create such an emotionally moving ambiance. It’s at that moment where I feel so honored & grateful to be able to say that I helped to create such a beautiful scene in the biggest event of their lives.” – Brittney


“I remember my very first wedding experience with Dean Bernard Events. The occasion was when the bride was just about to walk down the aisle. My job was to fix her dress and veil right before she took her first step. It sent chills down my spine. Ever since then, that moment has been my favorite experience. It’s such a privilege to prepare the bride to walk toward her future husband as he looks on with happiness. I feel as if the world stops just to see the bride and groom exchange their vows. At that point, nothing matters but them. There’s never a moment when I don’t tear up!” – Airi

Jessica (Not Pictured)

“My favorite event experiences working for DBE is being able to pull off the amazing surprises for the bride and or the groom and seeing their reactions; seeing the beautiful moments shared with the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle, first looks, and first dance; and seeing how creative and beautifully executed some of our weddings are— for example, having a Disneyland theme wedding and having custom “FastPasses” as escort cards; having the boba refreshment station for one wedding; and having large outdoor marquee ‘LOVE’ letters, or “making it rain” with Supreme branded money guns for another wedding.

Other events like our styled shoots are also my favorite experiences working for DBE. I love seeing the beautiful vision Dean has and how he executes it with different photographers and other vendors each time. Being able to be with such an amazing team making beautiful memories that will last a life time for people is why I love what I do.” – Jessica