Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

If you’re like me, you LOVE to plan and host events but HATE the idea of cleaning. Personally, I hate it the most when I know I have to wash dishes at the end if I host an event at home for all of my family and friends. With so many people, there are a lot of dishes to wash. Of course, usually we use disposable plates that we would get from Cost-Co or Sam’s Club or your local grocery store but what if there was something that was also eco friendly? Until I met the owners of Rustic Earthware, I didn’t realize there were any. Using these plates are a game changer. Not only are they safe for the environment, but they are stylist as well too and really sturdy! I highly recommend these if you want to knock things things off your to-do list: 1. Utensils and 2. Table accents. Stacking different sizes of these dish-ware will give your table depth and more appealing to the eye. Some of their collection includes products made of bamboo and palm leaf! Check out the photos I took of my own set!

Visit their website and grab some for your next special event! RUSTIC EARTHWARE