A Very Merry Christmas

Every year I decorate at least 2 Christmas Trees. My mom runs a few private home care facilities and each year I put up their tree and style them. This year, I decided to do a different theme that what I typically do for one of the homes. Inspired by vibrant reds and white Christmas decor from Adams and Company, I bought an entirely new artificial tree from Wayfair to do a peppermint theme tree. The tree came was was perfect with the touch of white giving the tree a snowy look.

It is never easy for me to decide in the beginning what kinds of ornaments I want to use to create the perfect look. Pinterest and Instagram are usually my go to resources for inspirations but at the same time, I try not to go on those only because I fall in love with EVERYTHING I see which makes me second think if what I had already set my mind to is what I actually want to do. But in the end, I stuck to the original theme I had envisioned and executed it. Scroll below for more photos!


Artificial Christmas Tree: Wayfair
Peppermint Ornaments and Fireplace Garland : Shinoda Design Center
Pillows and Wooden Decorations: Adams and Company
Small Artificial Christmas Trees: Home Goods


Fireplace Decorations


Detailed Shots of my Peppermint themed Christmas Tree