October Console Table

A console table is the first impressions to the inside of your home. It is the first table your guests will see upon entering. For each season, my aunt comes to me to decorate her table. This year, I stuck to the colors of: orange, silver to pop from the black modern table that she already has. When I decorate a console table, I always make sure to have the following factors:

  1. Height
  2. Layers
  3. Stacks
  4. Balance

Because of the modern and elegant style of her table and mirror, I used glass and and other elements that matches. I found glass pumpkins, the glass chrome-like vase, and two accent side tables at Home Goods, and metal books in two sizes at ZGallerie, floral stems from Joanns.

Sometimes it’s hard to fill my aunt’s console table in a way that I envision only because she reads books about feng shui. She shared with me that she needs to have a water element for good luck on the table, a waterfall theme painting to hang over the fireplace mantle, and a mirror to reflect bad luck. I’m not familiar with the idea of feng-shui but I do consider it when decorating for her.

The water element on the table, as you can see, is the little water fountain in the center.

On the left side of the water fountain, I grouped the vase with floral stems with 3 glass pumpkins, while on the right, I used 2 tall candle holders to be the “height,” a orange pumpkin to give some color, and a small stack of books for layering and to contrast all of the round pieces I’ve been using.

On the bottom of the table, I displayed two short accent tables that way it’s not empty underneath. The other benefit for having those two under the table is to help prevent the family from leaving their shoes around the table and in the way. hehe

Below was the original photo of how the console table used to look like: