Refreshing Infused Water

I know water is good for you but sometimes I just have to change it up some how without going with just soda, or juice, or any other type of drink. So I decided to infuse my water with a few simple ingredients. It really didn’t cost much! I spent a little over $15 for the following: Lemon, Cucumbers, Basil, Mint, Raspberries,  and Strawberries. $15 seems like a lot to some but the amount I got for that price is worth it. I’m pretty set for multiple servings!

The Etching Bee 

Before I get into the drinks, let me start out by giving a shoutout to the amazing Etching Bee business for these great bottles! You can’t tell with the first photo, but as you scroll down and see the other pictures, you’ll notice that there is design on each of the bottles. Etching Bee is a growing business that sells glass bottles that are custom designed for each customer. These are seriously great for birthday parties or wedding events as a giveaway or as a gift! With the opportunity to have any design you want on your bottle, the possibilities are endless! I chose two different themes for my bottles: Fall and Halloween. For my Halloween bottles, you’ll just have to wait and see what I plan on doing with those! These 3 bottles are designed with fall leaves and trees. Its the perfect touch to make these bottles special.


Bottle Number 1:

Raspberry and Mint benefits: Delivers antioxidants, anti-cancer benefits, and consists of a good source of minerals.

Bottle Number 2:

Lemon and Cucumber benefits: Helps improve weight loss, delivers antioxidants, and lowers blood pressure.

Bottle Number 3:

Strawberry and Basil benefits: Supports the immune system, boost energy levels, and improve weight loss.