Favorite Spring Pieces!

Favorite Spring Pieces!
Krumpet’s Home Decor is just a perfect way to make your home “homey” and welcoming! They have a variety of home pieces you can use to decorate just about any way in your house! If you don’t believe me, check out their website. You can shop by category or type of piece. They pretty much have it all.
Below you will see images of how I decorated my cousin’s entry bench. Just added a few pieces and it was perfect! If you also have a bench by the entrance of your home, you’ll know that there are different ways to make it appealing. Ideally, the bench is meant for my nieces and nephews to come into the house, and sit while taking their shoes off. For others, it serves mainly as a display area for couch pillows if there are many guests over, or decorated just as I did below.

I am in LOVE with the letterboard that I found on Krumpet’s website! It is perfect to use all year around! What makes it amazing is the number of ways to use it. You can pretty much put any quote or announcement throughout the year and display it by the bench, by the fireplace, in a hallway, kitchen, etc! Get your message across beautifully!

This layout is very simple and only consists of positive messages and good vibes. You’ll notice that on Krumpet’s, they have a lot of different message frames and pillows. That’s one of the reasons why I love their products. It not only looks great, but it gives me a daily reminder to do good and puts a smile on my face.


Display your wooden flower cut outs around the living room! I used them right behind the couch on a little console table next to a little letter board. It helps give color to the area you place them in. The colorful wooden egg cut outs are actually wooden ornaments that I used to decorate the mantle. It was easy to lay up by the sound bar. While I have these adorable pieces spread out, I made sure to put something on the bench. I decided to take another set of wooden flowers and pair it with a silhouette of kissing bunnies!