Sweet Treats for Easter!

Sweet Treats for Easter!

How could I not do a little dessert station for Easter? After showing you my table settings for this year and how to make a simple Easter basket, I have to share with you this cute shoot I did today full of adorable decor and delicious treats! I teamed up with one of my favorite dessert vendors, Katella Bakery, and my friends at Krumpet’s Home Decor to create this easy set up  for Easter.
I just love how everything just goes well with each other. From colors to design, each piece blended well in this set up. I used two sets of Krumpet’s wooden floral decor as the dessert back drop. With colorful flowers, I didn’t need to add much behind the cake since the wooden pieces stood up perfectly. The best part is that it matches the decoration of the cake. The cake itself was made by Katella Bakery and is too cute to eat! I used my Amalfi Decor cake stand to display my adorable cake!
From the bakery, they made me delicious cake pops, cupcakes, and macarons! Each one was designed to fit the Spring theme. This meant flowers, and fun bunny and carrot designs! Everything in the set up was actually not planned. Originally, I thought about displaying my cake with the wooden flower decorations because it goes well together. However, after playing around with the set up and positioning the flowers in different ways, I ended up lining them together which gave me the idea to add trays and my other Easter decor.

Having your Easter party, or any gathering, means hosting your guests and making sure they all have a good and memorable time. Although it takes a little more effort to put together, a dessert bar or station can be a great way to get stress off your shoulder on the day of your event. Your guests will LOVE being around the dessert table and just indulging in sweets and having a great time–especially if your desserts were as creative as the ones pictured below! It is a good and sweet distraction!

As you can see, I used my favorite cake stands for this shoot. The small, white porcelain cake stand was only $5 from Target! You can find these cake stands in their value section which would be located by the entrance at your local Target. Also at Target, I found these cute purple porcelain baskets and they were only $3 each! It was not bad and I just had to get it as soon as I came across them. Just as I mentioned in previous posts, I love shopping for holiday decor after the actual holiday. Everything goes on clearance which is the perfect time to stock up on your holiday decor. The only downside would be storing them. But if you have a garage or just extra space for bins, I highly recommend you getting your decor a year before!

The eggs you see in the purple porcelain baskets are plastic and filled fill candy. You can’t see it but I added 2 pieces of cookies and creme Hershey’s kisses. The eggs were from Dollar Tree. Sometimes I find myself guilty for thinking the eggs at the 99 Cents store or Dollar Tree are cheap and not worth getting, but this time I found some that were actually worth getting! These eggs easily close and are a little more sturdy than the thin plastic eggs that come in the basic colors: yellow, red, green, purple. If you haven’t gone already, get your eggs! 8 pieces only costed me $1. Its perfect to have for gift baskets, gifts, decor, and more! You can even use them as giveaways for your Easter party!


Below you will see my two porcelain bunnies side by side to one another. These were a great part of the decor for the dessert bar. I found these bunnies at Target also and it was only $3-5 each!