DIY Easter Basket

DIY Easter Basket

Have you created your Easter baskets already? This year, I created a special Easter basket using very minimal supplies and fillers. When I create an Easter basket, I first think about what my “main” item will be. (Just like a centerpiece, I think about which flower will be the “star” of the whole look.) For my Easter basket, I do the same. Will I have a huge stuff animal as the main piece of the basket, or will I use a different item as the focal point? I decided to make my Meraki Rose box as that “main” piece. I did include a stuffed animal but I kept it small and as a filler for the basket.

As you scroll down, you’ll notice that I did not use a typical Easter basket. Because I decided on using my everlasting roses as my main piece, I went to Target and found the perfect “basket.” Each time I go to Target,I always check out their value section up front. It’s the area with so many random pieces all mixed together ranging from home decor, arts supplies, toys, and other goods. They typically have a seasonal shelf full of cute items that you can use for your table setting or coffee table/mantle decor. Today, I came across a bunch of different wooden planters with cute quotes in the front. I chose “Live Life in Full Bloom” for obvious reasons. What I love about this planter, aside from the price, is the quality and that message. I love that it gives a little motivation to whoever reads it. It allows people to stop, read, and check out what I ended up filling in the planter. This one specifically works well with my purpose.

Tip: You don’t need to spend so much money to make your gift basket. Think about the person you plan on giving the basket to and fill it with items that represent he/she. You are free to fill it with ANYTHING you wish to include. There really is no limit. Just as long as it fits in the actual basket!

Once I found my planter, I gathered my favorite chocolates, stuffed animal, and Easter Eggs. I found these cute plastic eggs from the Dollar Tree. Unlike many eggs I used to use, these are actually pretty good quality eggs. I was impressed by them and might go back for more! I filled each egg with more candy ad placed this eggs in the basket last.

Step 1: Fill your basket with filler. You can’t see it in the photos, but I used brown shredded paper fillers. You can also use “fake” grass in the Easter section or gift section at any craft or convenience store.

Step 2: Position your main item in the box. Because it’s your main piece, you want to make sure to prioritize it before placing your other little pieces.

Step 3: Position the second large item.

Step 4: Fill the rest of your basket with your other smaller gifts. Set your candy-filled eggs last and spread the out!