Spring Ready!

Spring Ready!

With the first day of Spring just a few days away, I can’t help but to get festive for Easter already! As you know, this week, I posted a little throwback of how I set the table last year. With the help of my little bunny friend, I put together a new fun table-scape for you to enjoy and hopefully get inspired from! The cute bunny you see above is the same guy that modeled my table last year!

I don’t know about you, but tulips are the first type of flowers that come to mind when it comes to spring. I stopped by my local Home Depot store and picked up a few sets of bright and fresh tulips. Yes, Home Depot sells fresh bouquets of flowers and sometimes, it’s more affordable than your local grocery stores.

For this year’s table, I wanted something colorful, clean, and “welcoming.” I visited Home Goods and found these lovely plates with a watercolor style border and a cute bunny in the center. At first, I was planning on just getting the larger dinner plates since I didn’t see the smaller plate or the bowl to begin with. However, after walking around the aisles a little, I found the matching plates and bowl and decided to get the whole set. It is easier to layer each plate setting than having to find the perfect “topper” to place for your guests.

Without having a charger plate as creative as last year’s, I decided to stick to having my linen do the talking. I chose this blue linen to add the base color of the look. I stayed away from white so the table itself won’t look plain or “empty” which will make me want to spend more to fill in those spaces.


You don’t need a whole lot to make your table festive. With decorative plates, and tulips in hand, you just need napkin rings, and a nice vase for the flowers. Take a look and below and see what I mean. You will notice that my guests were treated to delicious macarons made fresh by one of my favorite bakeries, Katella Bakery. (I had to think twice about whether to keep those treats to myself or to share them with everyone!)

When setting up your table for the holidays, you don’t need to have 3 layers of tableware for each guest. You can simply have just one plate. I get a lot of questions about how to make it look “full” if it’s just one plate. If my dinner plates did not have a picture of a bunny in a center, there are a few ways for me to make it complete.

I can add:

  • an egg on top with the name of my guest written on it, or,

  • a green floral stem, or,

  • a napkin with a napkin ring (place on top instead of on the side), or,

  • chocolate, or,

  • a greeting card

And the list can go on and on! It’s all about preference: what do you want your table to represent, how much time do you have or how much time do you want to put in into the set up, how personable did you want your table to be, etc.!

Above, you will see a small tray of different eggs. The tray was from Target that I bought last year. It definitely came in handy this year as I used it to display eggs of the same color scheme as my table decor and macarons. Whites, tans, blush, gold, green. Pretty much, a touch of a lot of different colors!

Special shout out to:
Audrey from Conversation Pieces for having Bunny model for us and for the hospitality and your time.
Katella Bakery for continuing to make delicious treats for all events and family gatherings!