Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
It’s the most wonderful of the year! I just love the holiday season. For me, one of the things I get excited for is decorating the tree. It sounds tiresome (and it could be) but its a way for me to bring out my creative side. The tree itself is a canvas and it gets me thinking about how to style it. You can simply put ornaments and a star topper, OR you can add ribbon, different size ornaments, faux floral fillers, birds, sentimental pieces, angels, icicles, and the list can go on. The possibilities are endless. I use to think I’ve seen everything you can do to decorate a Christmas tree, but I am COMPLETELY wrong about that. Some people have rotating trees and/or rotating ornaments, others have an upside down tree, or a tree full of plush toys!
Like I said, it could be tiresome but luckily in my family, all I have to worry about is styling and decorating, while my siblings worry about taking it all down after the holidays. (We take our tree down after New Years Day.)


Last year was actually the first year I went “all out.” Usually every year, our family sticks to the same exact ornaments of red and gold with no additional details to add. And after having the same style tree for years, it gets really old and boring.
Who can’t resist these cute paper mache reindeers?! I felt it was perfect to have under the tree next to the decorated gift boxes! I also found this helpful basket from Joann Fabric Store. You can’t see it in the picture but I filled it up with rolls of a variety of soft throws. You have to make sure your family and friends are cozy, right?
Last year, I used ornaments from Home Goods. They were perfect! They large ornaments came in a pack of 6 ($9.99) with the smaller ones came in a pack of 75 pieces ($29.99). If I can recall, I used 2 packs of the large ornaments and 3-4 packs of the smaller ones. As you can see, the smaller ones came in different shapes, color, and pattern. I finished the tree by adding these branches I found at Joann Fabric Store. Be sure to use coupons and save!!
Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match!


Yes, my Christmas tree is already up! I had it all set up since a week ago but haven’t had the chance to clean the living room and take photos of it! This year, I decided to change it up a little bit. For one, the colors. I wanted something different than what I’ve been seeing. I chose to stick to a more natural theme: greens and browns.
Under the tree, I added some decorated gift boxes that I found from Home Goods. Since we still have a few weeks to go before Christmas and still have no presents, I did not want to keep the tree empty under it. I also bought this cute wooden sleigh and wooden tree to add we well. As for the lanterns, I filled it up with pine cones to match the style of the tree. As a wedding planner, I have a lot of decor and inventory saved from events. These lanterns are from the past weddings I’ve done.

With so much negativity in the world, I found this box and I just had to get it.

With three different sizes of ornaments, I also used two types of floral stems: hydrangeas and baby’s breath and scattered them around the tree. I just love including artificial flower stems on the tree. It makes it more unique and definitely makes it look fuller. Tip: Always buy it when these floral decor are ON SALE or if you have a coupon! They can get pricey and add up. For my tree, I usually need about 10 stems of each type of flower! The Hydrangea flowers costed: $7.99 each originally. But luckily Joann Fabric Store had coupons (they always do). So I used their 60% off regular priced item on the hydrangeas.
The real MVP award goes to the cashier that rang me up! Because the coupon I had only works for a single item of regular price (and I had 10), I requested to do 10 separate transactions to get the discount. I’ll be honest and admit that if I was in line and the person in front of me was doing 10 separate transactions, I’d be frustrated and annoyed. But luckily no one was in line! Don’t worry, if there was a person behind me, I would definitely let them go ahead of me. Overall, instead of paying about $80, I saved a lot and only spent a total of $32 before tax.

Want to know where I got my decor? Here you go:

Ornaments and Baby’s Breath Stems: Michaels
Hydrangeas: Joann Fabric Store
Gift Boxes, Sleigh, Tree Skirt, and Wooden Christmas Tree decor: Home Goods
Lanterns: Ikea
Pine cones: I had these saved from last year, but you can get a pack from any craft store. Target has some as well! OR get them outside!
Tree Topper Star: Target