Painted Wedding Dress Modern Vow Renewal

Painted Wedding Dress Modern Vow Renewal

By: Amy Haberland

“My art is everything to me. It’s my life, it’s the way I express myself.” said Preston, an artist based in Los Angeles and our leading man and groom. Magdalena is Preston’s wife and partner in art and life. “We are artistically meshed. She is my biggest fan, supporter and contributor.”

This intimate vow renewal was custom designed with our couple’s artistic expression in mind. The scene is set high above Downtown Los Angeles in the Arts District, on a rooftop of a private loft. The design inspiration came from one of Preston’s abstract paintings. We incorporated the bold colors he used in the painting to design the dress, floral arrangement, invitation suite, tablescape, and cake.

Preston and his wife, Magdalena, were married two years ago in the Lost River Range in Idaho. Their love story begin with Preston working in a restaurant where Magdalena and her father frequently visit. Preston was in love and made his move after confirming Magdalena’s single status on MySpace. Their first date was in Downtown LA at Preston’s favorite dive bar. The rest is history. Preston planned and proposed to Magdalena when they were traveled to Argentina. He popped the question on top of Cerro de la Gloria (The Hill of Glory) and she said yes. We gathered these memorable dates and added to the design. Their love milestone were printed as labels and attached to paint tubes.

The bouquet, too, was created from the color palette of Preston’s abstract artwork as was the wedding cake. The altar took vintage rustic pieces that matched the feel of the historic building and incorporated Preston’s contemporary micro paintings.

The tableware, too, was matched to Preston’s artwork. Colorful popcorn favors whimsically matched the abstract colors.

The dress was hand painted by Preston in conjunction with the design we created.