Fall Themed Family Day

Fall Themed Family Day

On Saturday, the Dean Bernard team hosted a “Fall Themed Family Day” for the Finest Living Guest Home residents–which is a private home care facility for the elders. For the families, we decided to do a simple dessert table full of mini muffins, chocolate brownies, glazed donuts, and M&M cookies! Everyone loved it!

To decorate our table, we used:

  1. A burlap table cover: Downtown LA
  2. Straw bales: Joann
  3. Cake stands: Target
  4. Two Tier Fruit baskets: Home Goods
  5. Pumpkin Tree Branches
  6. Ceramic Pumpkin: Home Goods
  7. Ceramic Vases: Home Goods
  8. Plastic Pumpkins: Target

As you can see, everything can be found easily at your nearest home decor store at an affordable price.