XTrainer Fitness is a newly launched fitness brand founded by Xerxes of Xposure FilmsXTrainer Fitness: Reflex Cap is simply a hat with a tennis ball attached to it. Although it may be simple, the outcome and results is very impressive. He created a new product that increases reflexes and improves accuracy, allow you to work on your footwork, increase your ability to catch with timed precision, and much more! It is definitely a unique and fun way to be fit! Be sure to get yours by clicking one of the links below:

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Check out Xposure Films as well! You’ll LOVE his work! Click HERE to be directed to his website!


  1. Tell us about yourself (Anything you wish to share! (Hobbies, fun facts,etc.)
    Hi, my name is Xerxes Sangco. I’m a filmmaker born and raised in West Covina, CA. I have a passion for visual story-telling and am always trying to find ways to stretch my creative ability to its furthest extent. I enjoy watching Netflix and eating in-n-out once or sometimes twice a week (don’t judge meeee!). But besides my love affair for junk food, I also love staying active (ironic, I know)! So at the beginning of 2017, after years of doing the same ol’ routines, I decided to change things up a bit. Thus, Xtrainer Fitness was born.
  2. What type of businesses do you have? Can you briefly explain what you do?
    I currently run Xposure Films, a small video production company that mainly specializes in Wedding Films. To keep it simple, as a filmmaker, my goal is to bring characters from point A to point B and sometimes point C. My clients are my characters and each character must reach their arc so that the audience can connect and root for them. But I also run Xtrainer Fitness, a fitness product design company, currently selling the Reflex Cap (available on Amazon). I designed the Reflex Cap in January, dealt with manufacturing overseas, created the website, filmed the “How-To” videos, and filmed our first commercial. I’m currently marketing through social media, dealing with Amazon and a whole heap of other things.
  3. You recently started a new business, XTrainerFitness. What got you into fitness? When did you first start working out?
    I was fat. Haha! I had unfortunately let myself go at some point in my life. It made me mad, depressed, uncomfortable and just an overall unhappy person.About 4 years ago is when I started running. The more I ran, the happier I felt. I lost the weight but some people said I lost too much weight! So about 2 years ago I started lifting and doing light boxing. Lifting was great! But the bigger my muscles got the less stamina I had when trying to box. Working out takes a lot of time and discipline. To run a business while trying to reach a fitness goal can be very challenging. So when the idea of the Reflex Cap came about, I thought “This was it!” It’s the perfect alternative for anyone on the go and willing to take it seriously.
  4. What is Reflex Cap and how did you come up with that idea?
    The Reflex Cap is a hat designed to give you several workouts. It’s the perfect tool if you enjoy training as a boxer, MMA fighter or just want something to punch. It’s a cardio workout, it’s a speed workout, it’s a footwork workout, and it’s a mind workout. Your focus will improve drastically over time.I came up with the idea when I saw something similar in a boxing video. At the time there was nothing available on the market to buy. You had to create DIY versions by purchasing all of the different parts in stores or online. So I decided, screw it. I’m going to design a version that anyone can put on, and adjust as they get better over time.
  5. What muscles are being worked on when using the cap? Are there any types of adjustments that need to be made on the cap if a person perfects a certain length?
    At first, the only muscles that will be worked out will be your arms. Even though I make it look easy in my videos, not a single person has been able to hit the ball consistently their first go-around.My recommendation when you first start out is to not use any of the length adjusters. This keeps the band at its longest length which makes it slower and easier to react to. Over time, with normal use, you’ll find yourself wanting more of a challenge and shortening up the band.The more seriously you take it, the more advance you can become at it. When you get to this level, you can find yourself working out your core and your legs. You can start teaching yourself the disciplines of a boxer by keeping your chin down and your hands up at all times. When the ball hits you in the face, you’ll learn why boxers need to keep their hands up at all times! Basically, you can get a full body workout by using it 20 minutes a day.
  1. Who is your target audience?
    My target audience is of course anyone into boxing or MMA. But after sharing it around with random people, I’ve found that it can be for anyone. The first reactions I always see are people laughing their butts off trying desperately to punch the ball more than 2 times. So even if you’re not using it as a training tool for your workouts, it’s always a fun time with friends and family.

  2. What goals do you have for your product? Do you plan on expanding your line of products?
    My goal is to establish the Reflex Cap as the Go-To product for reflex training. Just like Everlast and boxing gloves, I want the Xtrainer Fitness Reflex Cap to be that first thought name-brand when it comes to reflex trainers. Down the line I have a few more ideas I’d like to pursue. But first, let’s make the Reflex Cap a thing 😉
  1. How were you able to create your new product?
    The product was created through several manufacturers overseas. The pieces are then carefully assembled by hand. We strive to provide the best quality available at an affordable price.
  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years with your businesses?
    I see myself continually trying to be innovative. Any products that come after the Reflex Cap will follow the same direction in its ease of use, adjustability and portability. I also hope that the Reflex Cap finds its way into just about every gym not only in the US, but the entire world.
  3. Where can someone buy a Reflex Cap? Do you ship internationally or just in the US?
    You can purchase the Xtrainer Fitness Reflex Cap on Amazon for $19.99 (free shipping for Prime members). We currently only ship in the US.

  4. What advice do you have for someone who is starting to work out?
    I have 3 pieces of advice. 1. Be patient. Working out takes a lot of time before you start seeing any changes. 2. Be consistent in pushing yourself. If you’re not pushing yourself, you’re not going anywhere. 3. Just get out there and start moving. Don’t over think it. Drop your pride, drop your ego and drop the laziness. You have the time and energy so end the excuses today!