Adams & Co Home & Holiday Decor

Adams & Co Home & Holiday Decor


Devanie Adams is one of the nicest people you can ever meet on social media. She started following us on Instagram a few weeks ago and was just easy to talk to. She gave numerous compliments on what we shared with our readers and after being notified about her kind words, I went to check out her page and see who she was. Turns out, she is a business owner of home decor products! But before finding that out, what caught my attention were her attractive posts of home and product styling. She shared photos of what her company offers and reposted photos of those who snapped a pic of the products they bought! If you haven’t already, check Devanie and Dj Adam’s beautiful and stylish company by vising one of the links below:

Website: (wholesale), (retail)
Instagram: (lifestyle), @adamsandcompany (brand)
Facebook: Adams & Co
Other: #adamsandco

We got in contact with her and asked her questions to learn more about her and Adams & Co Home & Holiday Decor. You won’t be disappointed! As a small business owner, after reading her interview, it gave me more motivation to get to her level of success! I recently received one of her amazing serving trays and I just knew that her products (and customer service) was as amazing, if not more, as what she shares on her page!

Keep an eye out as we will be sharing pictures of how we used her products in future posts! Can’t wait!



  1. Tell us about yourself. Anything!
    I was raised in a small town, St. George, Utah.  DJ and I were married 24 years ago and we live here still.  (uh-oh…did this just date me???).  I love Chocolate, but only the really good kind.  I make delectable chocolate dipped strawberries.  Sunsets are my favorite part of the day.  Disneyland 5-10 x a year for inspiration and it recharges me.
  1. What kind of business do you own? 
    DJ & I started Adams & Co Home & Holiday Decor in 2003, which is pretty much in the name.  Grass roots story of starting in our garage hand making every piece including signs, wood block sets and shelves.  Today, we design everything and mostly manufacture overseas.  We design 80% new every single year to keep our line fresh and exciting.
  2. What types of products do you sell? What is your favorite piece of product or products? 
    We sell mostly signs and seasonal decor.  Our favorite pieces are ones from the heart which is just about every piece including laughter.  We design with one philosophy…Inspired By Life.  We are a family business and our life experience has become part of our company.  You will often see new wedding signs, grandmother signs or even bereavement as we journey through life.
  3. Your company has amazing decorations that is perfect for any home and even events! What is your personal favorite holiday collection?
    Great question!  I actually have 2…Harvest and Holiday.  Big surprise, right?!  These are seasons of change and reaping what we have sewn throughout the year- for us it means TRADITIONS which are a very big part of our family.  I love decorating our home for the seasons, especially Christmas.  There is something magical about Christmas lights twinkling and an extra spark of excitement in our home.
  4. Are your products available in stores?
    Yes they are!  Thousands of retailers, actually.  You can check our website for a “retailer near you” or go to our online retail site for free shipping over $25
  5. How did Adams and Co start? What inspired you to start a new business? When did you start?
    We started in our garage in 2003 making decor to sell at local craft fairs.  DJ is a natural entrepreneur and after a couple of successful craft shows, he realized we just might be onto something so he went full force into creating a wholesale company and that is where we are today.  We are excited to celebrate our 15 year company anniversary this January.
  6. Running a business is not easy at all. What keeps you motivated and inspired?
    Do you have a team to help you?  Running a company is a lot of work.  We love it so only occasionally it feels like “work’.  Mostly, it is moving from one exciting project or idea to the next.  The past few years we have been fortunate enough to have acquired some of the best team out there!  We truly are a work family.  Most of us work from home thanks to technology.  It is nice that we are able to still support our families and be there as well.  We travel a lot for trade shows so being able to be home when the kids walk in the door from school helps it all balance out.  Our children have been a huge part of our team as well and a great support although we encourage them to pursue their own passions, we do require them to start working part time and in the summer at age 14 to learn a work ethic and to understand if you want to be successful you have to be willing to put your sleeves up and dive in!
  7. How does a typical day go for you? 
    This varies throughout the year.Most days I am at my home office designing, emailing and doing spreadsheets and working with our factories overseas which can mean some very late nights.  But then, the next day I could be headed to a photoshoot for a new product collection or traveling to a meeting with a key account.  DJ & I have become pretty good at tag teaming priorities over the years.
  8. What is the best part about running Adams and Co? 
    That’s easy…the people!  I love working with DJ.  I love working with our Adams Family team- they are so supportive of our vision and make everyday a joy.  We all cheer one another on and I feel their support in helping our customers succeed as well as our company.  Everybody on our A&C team understands we are all in this together and it is a beautiful thing (I am knocking on wood right now!)   I love our customers.  When we travel to Atlanta, Dallas, & Vegas multiple times per year, we get to see customers who have really become friends.  It is a joy to work with so many talented and wonderful people on both sides.
  9. Where do you see your company in 5 years? Did you expect your business to be where it is at?
    We are at what I call the launching pad right now…we are expecting tremendous growth over the next 5 years.  This year has already far exceeded our expectations with a 30% increase of annual sales to date.  We have spent the past 15 years creating systems, making and learning from our errors, and are in a very good place to benefit from our successes and our mistakes.
  10. What is a fun fact about you and your company?
    We have many, as a matter of fact an article was done several months ago on our company called “fun facts at Adams & Co” for Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine publication.  One of those is a chant we do at every trade show where we all gather in a circle with one hand in and shout GO, GO ADAMS & CO!  The fun part is we call people who aren’t at the show (sometimes this  can be after midnight) and we shout it all at once into the phone and hang up.  It has become a fun tradition telling our entire team- we are finished and it’s successful.
  11. What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow your footsteps?
    If you want it, never give up.  Ever.