Easy DIY Gift for your Learners

Easy DIY Gift for your Learners

Who doesn’t love gifts? With classes beginning, create a cute and fun gift basket for your kids! There are many ways to do this and it’s pretty simple and affordable. The best part is you are able to customize it the way your student would like it! This idea isn’t just for students, but can also be for co-workers, boss, artists–for anyone!

In this case, I created a small gift using items I found at Target. Around this time, a lot of school supplies are on sale! Check out your local Target, Staples, Office Depot. I spent less than $10 for the items I used in this mini project. But if you have a smaller budget, that’s fine too! There are many ways to save and still make presentable!

What I purchased from Target:

  1. “Create” bucket: $3
  2. Ruler: 79 cents
  3. #2 Pencils: $1.22
  4. Eraser: 50 cents
  5. Crayons: 50 cents
  6. Glue Sticks: 50 cents
  7. Scissors: 99 cents

Total Cost: $7.51

I put all of the simple and basic supplies into this cute and sturdy metal bucket and just wrapped cellophane wrap around it and tied it with balloon string.

Want to go an extra mile for the person you are creating this for?

  1. Tie some balloons to the gift and set it some place where you know he or she will find it
  2. Add a box of their favorite candy
  3. Give a bouquet of flowers with your DIY gift bucket or basket
  4. Instead of using a bucket or basket, use a new backpack/messenger bag for them to use
  5. Set your gift next to a delicious homemade breakfast to start their day