Welcome Back Teacher Gift Ideas

Welcome Back Teacher Gift Ideas

Teachers are the real MVP! They do so much and don’t ask a lot in return, except that you learn the material and excel in life! We believe all teachers and professors deserve a special surprise as a token of appreciation. Why wait to give a gift at the end of the year? Here are some ideas we came up with for you or your child to present to their teacher at the start of the school year.




You can find these “apple” style mason jars with lid at your local Target in the dollar value section! I got these jars for only $3. Feel free to fill these jars with whatever you want! As you can see, I filled it up with peanut M&M’s.


Other suggestions:

  1. Flowers!
  2. Pens or Markers
  3. Make a candy bouquet but taping candy bars on sticks and displaying them in the jars
  4. Make a compliment jar! Everyone loves words or encouragement and motivation
  5. Coffee Beans



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