National S’mores Day

Happy National S’mores Day! When you think of s’mores, many people think about only having them when camping or having a bonfire. But these sweet treats are also a good snack when hosting guests. It’s a good ice breaker! There are many different ways and forms to make these treats. Below you’ll see two. One is the traditional way, although it doesn’t show the top cracker. Another way I make s’mores is having them on a stick. To me, its easier and cleaner to do.

Traditional way:

  1. As you can see, all you need is graham crackers, Hershey’s Chocolate bar, and marshmallows.
    With the graham cracker, split it into two pieces. Take one cracker and place three small Hershey’s pieces on top of it.
  2. Hold the cracker and chocolate on one hand. With the other hand, roast your marshmallow on a stick. Once you have it burnt the way you want it, place it on top of the chocolate.
  3. Take the second piece of cracker and top off your sandwich.

The pictures below show how to set up your little snacks. I placed each one on a beautiful Amalfi Decor serving tray ready for my guests to take a set and indulge in. (Of course they have the option to roast their marshmallow).

Tip: If you plan on making s’mores with your family and friends, have crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows pre-made to make it easier for everyone! My family and I recently started doing this and it saves us time (fire wood goes by quick for us!), and it also saves us the risk of possibly not having enough of certain ingredients.


Alternative Way:


  1. Take four or five graham crackers and place it inside a ziplock bag. Before zipping the bag shut, be sure to let all of the air out. Once sealed, crush your crackers into the tiniest pieces you can (preferably sand-like). Transfer the crushed crackers into a bowl and place aside.
  2. Fill a microwaveable bowl with a cup of chocolate chips. Add 1 tsp of olive oil on your chocolate. Heat up your bowl for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Once the time completes, take a spoon or fork and stir your chocolate until it has completely melted and in a liquid form. The olive oil helps give the chocolate a smooth and rich texture.
  3. Take your marshmallows and stick them onto a bbq stick or lollipop stick. Each marshmallow is on its own stick.


  1. Take a stick of marshmallow.
  2. Dip half, or entire marshmallow into your bowl of melted chocolate.
  3. Dip you chocolate marshmallow into your bowl of crushed graham crackers.
  4. Enjoy!

This version of s’mores is perfect for birthday parties and other events! Easy to make, easy to clean up, and just as delicious! Feel free to customize your treats by adding other ingredients like chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and much more! Let us know how yours came out! Tag us on instagram @deanbernardco!