Bao Beach

By: Mona Zulum

Bao Beach is an Asian Fusion casual restaurant located in San Diego, CA. If you aren’t too familiar with Bao, it is a soft steamed bun that usually includes seasoned meats inside. Almost like an Asian taco. Eating here with my family, we all agreed that it was the most exquisite meal we’ve had due to the luscious flavors of the meats and spices within the Bao. Not to mention, the Bao is soooooo soft. I can seriously eat a million of those things.

The only downside is the Bao buns served here were smaller than previous ones I’ve had. What Bao Beach lacks in size, it makes up for in quality!

The verdict: 4/5. While the food was amazing, $3 for one Bao that I wish was slightly bigger is what knocks a point for me.

(Pictured is Karaage & Shrimp)