Home Decor Blogger Susan Lynn

Home Decor Blogger Susan Lynn

With over 50k Instagram followers, Susan Lynn, @stylebysusanlynn, is one of the leading ladies when it comes to home decor and lifestyle blogging. Her beautiful Georgian Colonial estate in New York is one to see, both from the outside and in. On her Instagram, Susan shares pictures of various home projects, events, and the many rooms her home has, all of which continues to be a inspiration to those looking to redecorate their own home. I have been following Susan on the social media app for some time now and I know I get more motivated to get up and get things done around the house. Her home is about 6,000 sq feet with a back house, swimming pool, and garden. Just the entrance to her home caught my attention. You would have to drive up a very long drive way with large and full trees on both sides. Occasionally, Susan shares glimses of her property in videos she post on Instagram story. As you pull up to the house, you can overlook a large open grass area in front of this estate.

I had the honor of interviewing Susan to get her opinions and views about decorating a home, her list of favorite bloggers, and tips when decorating your own home. Read below to see what she has to say and to see photos of her home! Be sure to follow her on Instagram: @stylebysusanlynn



  1. How big is your home?

Almost 6,000 sq feet (I think)

  1. Which room is your favorite and why?

The sunroom is my favorite. From the pretty aqua color to the heated floors to the greenery growing, it makes it feel warm and cozy and year round. And here in NY warm toes in the winter is a very nice thing.

  1. When did you start decorating your home and what made you love it? How did you get started? 

We bought our home three years ago and I fell in love with it even before we saw the house. The driveway is long and tree-lined and when we got to the top and it opened up to the house it felt magical. When we moved in the movers had taped cardboard to the flooring to protect the floors but the tape ripped the finish off the floors so that was the first design project we had to take on, we couldn’t unpack for months and lived in the basement while the floors were being worked on in the entire house.

  1. How would you describe the style of your interior design?

I would describe my style in this home as transitional, a modern traditional that works with the homes style.

  1. What are your favorite stores to buy decorations and furniture?

I’m a big fan of Raymour and Flanagan for home furnishings. What they don’t have out on the floor can be ordered through hundreds of manufacturers books they keep in their offices. And I love Home Goods for their quirky fun pieces. And Wayfair is amazing! But for decorating my home, the most fun pieces I have are probably from our travels. I bring something home with me from every trip because it creates a memory and a story.

  1. Who are some of your favorite home bloggers?

I love @blountdesigns because her style is similar to mine but softer and more feminine. And I love @sumhouse_sumwear because her style is similar to mine also but deeper and more dramatic! So we three cover the spectrum in transitional style! Lol But I have soooo many favorites like @kristywicks for her gorgeous details and she understands proportion so well, and @randigarrettdesigns beautiful home and amazing new kitchen, and @summeradamsdesigns for her unabashed love of pink and gorgeous detailed styling, and @citrineliving dramatic use of color and art and ability to layer elements of design, and @oldsilvershed just because every single inch is comforting gorgeousness, and @decorgold because of her stunning take on classic design in a beautiful neutral palette, and @loithai for his love of New England design and his gorgeous gardens and topiaries, and @kelleynan who is the queen of tablescapes, and an amazing sweetheart of a girl, and decorates like no one else!

There are truly soooo many home bloggers I love I could answer this question all day! Lol

  1. What is an essential item you think everyone needs in his or her home or office?

I think everyone needs seating for a guest in a home office. No matter how big or small, add an extra comfortable seat in a corner or across from a desk. Doing paperwork or working from home is tedious so having a place for someone else to come sit for a moment to chat or a spot for a business client to be seated in is a must! That and a gorgeous desk lamp!!!

  1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to decorate their home?

Don’t try to fill your home all at once. Let it evolve with you. It’s ok to have blank walls and an empty room until you find the things that speak to you. My formal living room was empty for over a year until I found the furnishings that were in the vision in my head. And save money for statement pieces instead of filling a space with “more”. The grand pieces you will have forever! Also don’t be afraid of paint color, it’s just paint! You can always repaint it!

  1. You have a large and amazing property. Is it hard to maintain everything? (From gardening, cleaning, maintenance, etc!)

Yes, it’s a ton of work maintaining all of these manicured acres and this large house. And that’s a great question because if you don’t have the luxury of someone else doing all the yard work and housework (and we don’t!) then you have to really think through the decision of buying a big home on a large lot. I dream of the day that I’ll retire to a small cottage on the beach with a porch to swing on and light airy furniture and just relax!!!