All You Are Is All Around You

All You Are Is All Around You

“All that you are is all around you.” – Stephen Richards

By: Jean Flores

They say that the energy you put into the world is the energy you receive back. There is so much truth in that saying. One truth (and perhaps the most important) is that your attitude determines how you both react to and feel about who and what surrounds you. If you carry a heavy heart filled with anger and dismay, then the world around you is going to appear dark, even the things that are supposed to bring joy. If you wake up angry at the world, sunny days wouldn’t be as bright, smiles and laughter wouldn’t feel as warm, loved ones become more as hindrances than comfort, and the hope for better days deteriorates. Why? Because you’re fixated on being angry. You’re feeding off the negative energy that brings, and then fuming it out to the life around you. Thus, and bluntly put, creating a negative life. However, if you carry a heart filled with not exaggerated positivity to where it sounds like overkill, but instead with rationality and motivation to strive for a better you, then the life around you will take notice. Inevitably. Because now you’re thinking, “Okay. I’m not happy. What else can I try to fix this?”, as opposed to “Why try? It’s hopeless. Nothing ever goes my way anyways.” It’s all in the mindset and the attitude. If you have the drive to become a happier person, you will take all the measures in order to achieve that because you know it will be worth it. Even by starting small, such as being kinder to others, going out more to do what you like, or finding peace with your own company. From there, you move onto the bigger things, such as learning to forgive or relieving yourself from past burdens. Gradually, for as long as you keep an uplifting attitude, you will find happiness in you and all that is around you.

Another truth is that your character makes up the life around you as well. There is a fine line that differentiates attitude and esteem. You could practice kindness or preach the powers of positivity thinking all you want, but if you do not have enough confidence to genuinely believe in your growth, then life around you would be just as heavy and dark as one who carries a heart full of anger. Scenarios are like this: you may not be mad at the world, but you’re mad at yourself. You think you’re not as good as other people, not as smart, or as talented, or what have you. You glorify others but you don’t glorify yourself. Therefore, everything around you just makes you feel belittled. That kind of mentality gives you the hopeless perspective of believing you are not worthy of a more wholesome life. That is NOT true. You are worthy. And for as long as you are try to become a better version of yourself, you will always be. You just need to take the step to both allow and respect yourself to believe it. That first step is to release yourself from the malicious holds of destructive and negative thinking. Once you do, the dark clouds that have been blinding you from the goodness of the world, YOUR world, will fade away and you will clearly the path toward genuine self love and appreciation.

Putting it simply as Richards: you must have peace and acceptance with who you are in order to have peace and acceptance to all else around you.