Making the Perfect Hummus Dip

Making the Perfect Hummus Dip

My cousin actually introduced me to this simple and very easy hummus dip that she makes. You can buy hummus dip already made at any local supermarket and it’ll come in a little container made and ready for you to indulge in. But, once you try this simple recipe, you won’t settle for just the store bought hummus dip. Before we get to the recipe, let’s make sure you know what ‘hummus’ is. Hummus is a paste that was originated from the middle east. It’s common ingredients are: ground chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, and garlic. It can be used as a dip and as a sandwich spread to add a little flavoring.

When to serve this delicious treat? We love making this during family gatherings. It’s perfect to eat pita chips with alongside a glass of wine. Its a good snack to have when you are with family and friends while relaxing. Let us know if you tried the dish and love it! We’d love to hear your thoughts!



On a plate,  platter, or bowl, spread a thin layer of hummus dip of any brand of your choice. Personally, I stick to Sabra brand. It has the right balance of flavor with every bite.

Dice your cucumbers and evenly spread on top of your hummus dip. If you have a lot, save the extras in a separate bowl to use later if you prefer to add more after tasting.


Just like the cucumbers, dice up your tomatoes in small pieces and spread them over the dip. Again, if you have plenty, save in a separate bowl for later.


Pouring a handful of Feta Cheese, sprinkle the cheese evenly over the dip.


Using a Pita Chip, scoop enough dip onto your chip for your first bite. Be sure to include a little of everything! If you want to add more tomatoes or cucumbers, feel free to add some! Enjoy.