Honey Lime Shrimp with Grapefruit Avocado Quinoa

Honey Lime Shrimp with Grapefruit Avocado Quinoa

The following recipe is from Audrey, one of our friends and owner and founder of The Belly Good Life blog. I had the privilege of meeting her through a mutual friend and since then, she has been able to share with me tips when it comes to food and business. Not only is she a food blogger, but she also dabs into a lot of other things such as clothing, events, and vintage furniture. (Keep your eyes open for her feature exclusively on our blog).

The Belly Good Life is just the “foodie” arm of her many businesses and was founded 6 years ago. Til this day, Audrey continues to be a freelance food developer and food photographer. Take a look below and try one of her amazing recipes! Be sure to keep your eyes open as we plan on sharing more with you soon!

To get to know Audrey, visit her website at The Belly Good Life.



For the Shrimp:
Clean shrimp.
Add a spoon of honey, dash of paprika and squeeze of lime.
If you have a grill, skewer shrimp and grill.
If you don’t, pan grill them.
Regardless, the honey will caramelize and give you a smokey pretty char.

For the Quinoa:
Cook quinoa per instructions.  Set aside to cool.
Dice your choice of grapefruit, tomatoes, avocado, black beans, raisins or nuts.
Toss and season with salt and pepper.

Serve with fresh cilantro and limes.