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Just Destiny

I have been following Destiny from @JustDestinyMag for over a year now and below you’ll see why! Destiny has a keen eye for style and design. What first attracted me to follow her was the way she decorated her living room during the Christmas of 2015. She had a gorgeous Christmas tree with warm gold lights shimmering and illuminating the white and silver icicles, ornaments, and cascading ribbon. Destiny and her family filled the bottom of the tree with nicely wrapped gifts using a nice simple brown wrapping paper which went well with the neutral color scheme she had for the room. After seeing those photos I was hooked.

Destiny’s openness to share the process of constructing her new home from the ground up intrigued me! She would share photos of different areas of what room would be where. She also shared her choices of tiles, flooring, and moldings that she and her husband were choosing from. It exciting to see her vision come to life.

Time and time again, she would share photos  of the progress of the new house. First the foundation, following by the walls, floors, kitchen, and so on. Just recently, she just finished adding a large swimming pool in the backyard, and finished the landscape surrounding it! Let me tell you, it looks beautiful! If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself below.

I was able to send some questions over to Destiny about her passion for interior design, her favorite brands, and much more. This is what she had to say:

What inspired you to interior design your entire home? How did you get started?

I’ve always loved making a home. Even as a teen growing up I always craved style. Fashion was the first way I expressed myself but as I grew up, got married and having kids, my home became my canvas.

We didn’t have a lot of money when we first got married so I would do A LOT of thrifting with my mom. ( She’s an expert) After that I started sharing my finds on this little thing called a blog and my friend Shelley from House of Smiths shared my hallway signs, it all took off from there! Since then I have had the opportunity to be on national television with Nate Berkus and work alongside companies like Michael’s, Better Homes and Garden, Walmart, World Market and more!

What is your favorite type of home style?

My favorite home style is something neutral and warm. I’m mostly attracted to spaces that aren’t too crowded with stuff, but at the same time aren’t too cold. If you follow me on Pinterest you will see I love spaces that feel airy, but are grounded in warm woods and a touch of black. Linens, grasscloths, and even wide planked walls are my favorite textures.







Where is the best place to buy home décor? What are your favorite stores and brands?

I love buying home decor from HomeGoods. Why? Because they have EVERYTHING and if you look close enough a lot of it is designer!

But I also crave uniqueness. I think having a home that doesn’t look like everyone else’s is something to be proud of. But that takes time and it means shopping outside of the big box stores, like at thrift shops and vintage shops. It also means thinking about your space in a way that maybe no one else has. My favorite brands and stores are One Kings Lane, Wayfair, Restoration Hardware, The Container Store, Target, Terrain, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrell, Etsy, should I keep going? Ha! I don’t discriminate against price as long as it’s not crazy! I think high and low shopping is important and SMART!!!


If you can keep just one piece of furniture in your home, what would it be?

I love our buffet in our family room. It’s long and the grayish color is so beautiful. I can see this staying in our home for a very long time!

What is an essential item you think everyone needs in his or her home or office?

A touch of black. Just a little goes a long way. Oh, and fresh anything. Fresh flowers, fresh trees, fresh arrangement of your favorite trimmings.

What types of skills would a person need to become an interior designer, based from your experiences?

Well speaking from a person who is not an interior designer :0) I would say no

matter what you do,  you must have a passion for it. You can’t teach passion. It just is.  I also think that in order to work in a field like design, you need to be a good communicator! Having people skills and being able to anticipate problems  is important.


What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?  

START! If you’re wanting to be an influencer, try out a project, share it online and hashtag the heck out of it! haha! Tagging companies that you admire and use often is a great way to get noticed. Also make friends by liking other photos too!

I often get emails asking this very question. But you can’t work on your goals if you never start!




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