Lobster Fries, DCA’s Cove Bar

By: Mona Zulum

The infamous lobster nachos from Disneyland.  At around 16 bucks, are these really worth standing in a 30 minute line for? The answer is simply, YES. While the subtle, or scarce, lobster bits top the crispy nacho the price is worth it because of the portion! I don’t know about you, but I love food that you can share because you can easily half the bill with a friend. These nachos are the right balance of chips to sauce. There’s nothing more that I despise than too cheesy or too oily food. These have a nice balance and even the hint of jalapeno spicy-ness isn’t too overbearing. I do wish that they would give you more lobster but I think it is how they keep the price so low. So sit back and enjoy yourself some scrumptious nachos, a Secret menu drink, and a gorgeous view of the of Mickey Ferris Wheel.

*located at the Cove Bar in Disneyland